Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 151

She's holding her bottle herself!  My fingers are just for a little extra stability.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Really weird dreams

I have pretty odd dreams when I take naps.  And I had a really weird one this morning after I fell back asleep after taking care of Cadence. 

I was back in high school, but it wasn't really high school because I was the same age as I am now.  It was time for gym class.  We were in the locker room and I realized that I had worn some penny loafers without any socks!  I had brought my tennis shoes but no socks.  Then I remembered there was a sock vending machine in the front of Wal-mart (which happened to be a part of our school).  So I quickly tried to drive over there before class started but half-way there realized I didn't have time, so I just turned back and went to gym class sockless.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cadence Live!

Well, not exactly live, but close!  These videos were taken over the last month.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've just realized that it's been quite a while since I blogged about anything important that's happened in the recent history.  As in the last month or so.  I love to read all the blogs of friends old and new.  I guess blogging is sort of a share and share alike so if I want to read about you, I should let you read about me! :)

Anyways, life around here has been simultaneously boring and busy.  I'm sure anyone with young kids would agree.  It's been a bit boring because it seems like I do the EXACT same thing everyday.  And busy because there just doesn't seem to be any down time with a baby, a husband, mom to take care of and a house to keep in order!

Overall things have been pretty good!  Cadence is super cute.  I am pretty biased but I'm pretty sure anyone who's seen her agrees.  I think she's just gotten over an ear infection.  She's been a little (a lot) irritable the last few days, so I've been wondering if the amoxicillin really got rid of all of it...  It never really worked for me, but Cadence isn't me.  She just looks a whole heck of a lot like me!

We're building a house just across town.  It's just a couple miles away, so it's out of the ward so we're sad about that, but it doesn't temper our excitement about owning our OWN PLACE!!  It's going to be awesome! 

The trick will be setting a budget for all the extra stuff we want to add ourselves.  We've got quite a list: built-in shelving, bamboo flooring, tile, furniture for the whole house, etc.  It's going to be especially hard for us to set a budget because we know how great of a deal we'll get on everything because Derek's such a great handyman!  I'm even planning on getting my hands dirty (with Derek's supervision of course).

The best part of having our own place--at least to me, right now?  Cadence having her very own space.  Her own room and bathroom far away from the rest of the living spaces!

And if you haven't noticed, the post title has nothing to do with the subject matter.  It was just a word I heard in the background on TV.  It was spoken by a guy with a British accent so it made it all that much more interesting sounding.