Monday, August 30, 2010

The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge - Self

The Paper Mama

I took this picture hoping to get a good shot of the both of us together, but Cadence was more into the camera strap. I thought it was going to be a mulligan picture but used it anyways for one of my P365 pictures.  I've been surprised at how much positive feedback I get from it!  It's turned into one of my favorites!

PS: On 9/4/10 I won 5th!

The Paper Mama

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Cute Baby Videos to Brighten Up Your Day

August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

August 26, 2010

I promise I wasn't trying to make you motion sick! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Heart Faces - Beach Fun

This week at I Heart Faces it's all about beach fun!  

We took Cadence out to the lake and she HATED the water, but LOVED the sand.  This is my favorite picture of her and Derek.   He's so sweet with her!  She's such a Daddy's girl!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vintage Photos Restored!

This last week I've had a lot of fun going through Jessica Sprague's This Old Photo class.  It's awesome and it's all about restoring vintage photos.   Like, really vintage photos which I didn't have so I asked my grandpa to send me some of his.  I was expecting scanned copies, but the originals showed up in my mail box just a few days later.

And I think I've found my new, nerdy hobby, vintage photo restoration!  It's digital, creative, and historical.  Some of my favorite things in life!

Here are a couple of the photos I restored...

And on Saturday, we were invited to a pool party at a friend's house.  It was Cadence's first time in a pool.  I was a little worried because the last time we tried swimming, she hated it.  But that was at the lake.  And I shouldn't have been worried at all because she LOVED the pool!  Derek sat on the top step with her and she splashed and giggled, and splashed and giggled.  She again proved herself to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera with me (I was a little worried about getting it wet...), but I did get a few cell phone pics.  I'll have to get those uploaded soon!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge - Flower

The Paper Mama

I'm so excited to post one of my favorite pictures of Cadence for The Paper Mama's latest photo challenge!

We call her our "Fairy Pirate!" :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Happenings

Some funny things happened today.

1 - Cadence and I went to visit my mom.  It was lunch time so she was in the lunch room with many of the other residents.  I walked in carrying Cadence and the room went silent.  I tried to normally carry on a conversation with my mom, but it's hard when everyone's looking at you.  Guess they don't have too many babies that come and visit.  Eventually everyone went back to eating.

2 - Cadence learned how to make herself laugh!  It was the cutest thing!!  She accidentally zerberted her wrist and thought it was so funny.  And so she did it again and again, laughing each time she made the funny noise!

3 - Cadence figured out how to get from sitting up with a bottle in her mouth to laying down.  I had handed her a bottle while she was sitting up in her pack 'n play hoping she'd figure out a way to get laying down.  She tried to take a couple draws from it she didn't get much out.  Then I saw her lean all the way forward with the bottle still in her mouth, use the bottle for support, and then roll on to her back!  Cute!

4 - And Cadence has a new tooth!  It's just barely poking through.  That explains why she's been so grumpy lately! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday - Our puppy "Puppy"

The one and only dog we've ever had, or more accurately taken care, of was Puppy.  He wasn't really ours.  We found him (or her, we never really checked) in a box in the stairwell of our apartment building.  The box was just bigger than himself with minimal food and water.

We were worried he was abandoned and didn't want him to die, so we took him to our apartment and called Mr. Kim.  If the dog had a home, Mr. Kim would be able to figure it out.  He made a few calls, called us back and told us that Puppy belonged to a family in our building but they would let us take care of him if we wanted.  They had a new baby and were worried that the "accidents" Puppy was having on the floor would make their baby sick.

The last thing on our minds was having a dog, but we wanted him to have a better life than in a box, so we took him home.  We almost had Puppy house trained when we went to Seoul for a vacation.  The owners said they'd take him while we were gone and when we came back, Puppy was gone!

Before and After

Had some fun yesterday with a cute photo of Cadence.

Here is the image SOOC

And here is the after! Much better don't you think?

Here's how I did it.
1) Upped the mid-tone levels in a levels adjustment layer
2) Played with the dark and light tones in another levels adjustment layer
3) Ran CoffeeShop's Ice Pop action and changed the opacity of the gradient maps (Gradient Map 1: 35%, Gradient Map 2: 37%, Gradient Map 3: 23%)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simplicity B&W Photo Challenge

Faith over at Simplicity has a great photo challenge, Black and White.  Here's my pick.

This really shows what sage Cadence is at these days!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Afternoon in Which Everyone Threw Up

Not really everyone, but it sure seemed like a lot of barf!

Cadence gagged a little while eating her last bite of carrots at dinner, and then you know what happens when something gags you for too long, she proceeded to regurgitate the whole jar of carrots and the whole jar of peas she had just eaten. 

She, the highchair, the highchair seat cover, the highchair straps and buckles, and the highchair tray got a thorough cleaning.

And then not five minutes later--well, it was probably more than five minutes, but it seemed shorter at the time--I heard a strange noise from behind the couch followed by a "fffff, fffff" sound.  When I looked over the back of the couch I found a splatter of cat barf on the laminate flooring and Willow furiously trying to bury it.  Yeah, that worked real well...

Luckily both messes were easily cleaned.  Solid surfaces rock!

There are no pictures of the events in this post for obvious reasons.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Resemblance 3

I shouldn't be so surprised when I see another match, but holy cow!  It's like we're twins... separated by 26 years!  Can you guess who's who?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Challenge Results

So remember when I posted this photo for the iheartfaces "surprise" challenge?

Well, I didn't place at all, but I was listed as one of "Angie and Amy's Picks!" Wohoo!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Improving One's Photography

I read a post today on 5 Minutes for on improving one's photography.  In the post the writer briefly mentioned taking a photo everyday.  That's something I've been doing, and I completely agree.  It's vastly improved my photography.

For example these are some typical examples my photography at the beginning of my 365 project...

Not horrible and better than nothing, but these are what my photographs are like now...

Still not perfect but much, much better!  There's still so much to learn, but I am happy with them!  I just wish that I had started taking a photo a day long before my daughter was born so her newborn pictures would have been a great as her 9, 10, 11+ month pictures are!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Heart Faces - Surprise

This week's photo challenge at i heart faces is "Surprise!"  

I chose this photo because, well, it's just so dang cute and my daughter has one of the best surprised faces I've ever seen!

Photo taken 5-24-2010

In the Bathtub

Cadence stood independently for the first time yesterday... in the bathtub.  It freaked me out. 

It was also the first time she pulled herself up in the bathtub.  Before yesterday, she just sat quietly and chewed on her rubber duckies.  She didn't even splash.

She also discovered the tub faucet, which was okay but that meant she wouldn't leave it alone and kept hitting her head on it... Looks like I'll be buying one of those cover thingies soon!

How do you like the strategic placement of the photos? No inappropriateness here!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cadence's Latest

There are more clips of her jabbering, but my internet is being super slow tonight.  Hopefully I'll get them uploaded tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday - Our Housewarming party

Soon after we moved into our second apartment, Ushin Villa, we hosted a housewarming party.  We invited everyone we knew; people from our ward, the missionaries, co-workers, and our adult students.

The first people to arrive were our ward members, the missionaries, and a couple of our Korean co-workers.  I had made a lot of Korean food.  They were all enjoying it and visiting.

Then after about an hour the doorbell rang.  Everybody stood up, said thank you and goodbye, and left while the next wave of people came in--our adult students and other co-workers (the other foreign teachers).

It was the oddest thing to us, but nobody else seemed to think it was odd.  Our apartment was small, but I figured we could all fit.  I guess nobody wanted to get that close!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rachel is...

I did another one of those "(insert your name here) is" searches on google.  Here are the results...
  1. Rachel Is a film by Charlotte Glynn.
  2. Rachel is a real girl.
  3. ...rachel is salad w/feta, pickled beets and crabcake...
  4. Brendon and Rachel are impossible to get out of the house...
  5. Rachel's in a bad mood because she's tired of being pregnant.
  6. Rachel has been sharing her recipes...
  7. Rachel is many things to many people.
  8. Rachel is late.
  9. Rachel is awesome!
  10. Rachel is a super genius...
Most of these are just funny but don't actually apply to me.  Except numbers 2, 7, 9 and 10.  I am a real girl, many things to many people, awesome, and a super genius!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


That's me on the left and Cadence on the right. Not the same age, but the same profile.

Lovely Day

We had a great Sunday today.  Nice and peaceful.  The morning hours seemed to fly by and in no time, it was time to get ready for church. 

We got there on time and were sustained in our new callings, activities committee.  When the bishop first started reading our names to stand, we were a little confused because he said, "Brian Cheney and Rachel Cheney."  We assumed it was us though and stood anyway.  The second counselor quickly corrected him.

About half-way through the meeting, Cadence started making a ruckus so the three of us sat out in the foyer.  There was another mother, Athena, who had her baby, Nika (I think that was her name, I'll have to double check), out there too.  Cadence wasted no time scurrying over there to make friends.  The two of them were so cute!  They kept smiling and squealing at each other, holding hands, and trying to grab each others' faces.  I hated to break them up once Sacrament meeting was over!

I subbed for the Relief Society pianist who was out of town this week.  I was a little late getting in to RS so there was someone else playing prelude, but she was more than happy to hand it over to me for the singing. 

I wasn't completely prepared for accompanying the Relief Society.  I knew both songs, and I think I played them both pretty well, but I didn't know how to operate the piano because it wasn't actually a piano.  It was an electric piano/organ.  It was set on the organ setting and when I started playing the opening song, it sounded really quiet.  I had never played this type of piano before so I thought that maybe it was one of those situations where the sound the player hears doesn't match up with what the singers hear.  I tried my hardest to hit the keys hard and turn up the volume when I had the chances, but nothing changed.  I wondered, but didn't stress over it.  Everyone kept singing.

After the song and prayer, one of the sisters leaned over to me and mentioned that there was an extra petal all the way over to the right that controlled the volume when the piano was on the organ setting.  The more it was pushed, the louder it played.  The closing song sounded much better.

After getting that problem fixed, the only thing I worried about was the RS President, who had just contracted me to be her daughter's piano teacher, suddenly changing her mind because I didn't know how to operate a simple electric piano/organ!  But that didn't happen.  At least not yet! :)

My dad had called earlier this morning to ask if we'd help move Mom's stuff to a new room in Ashley Manor so after church, we changed and headed over there to help.  We spent about an hour and a half moving furniture and setting up beds.  When I say we, I mean Derek and my dad.  Cadence and I spent visited Grandma Pearl and played.  Mom's new room is a lot bigger and in a much better location.  Her first room was right next to the common room with the TV, and it is always on.  LOUD!  And with the level of my mom's voice, it was really hard to have a conversation.  Her new room will be so nice!

We ate dinner at my dad's afterward and Cadence was being such a ham!  She was jabbering, bopping her head, smacking her tray and stuffing her face with Rice Krispies.  Too cute! 

Then we went over to a friend's to share some coupons and visit a little.  It was fun but we couldn't stay too long because Cadence was starting to get cranky and ready for bed. 

So here we are now.  Derek and Cadence are in bed, sleeping and I'm blogging, scanning photos, and watching Bones on Hulu.